Guwahati: Himali Deka, a student of Guwahati University (GU), has shown her sincerity by taking the B Tech exam from the Covid Care Center (CCC) in Guwahati just hours after she dropped oxygen support.

Him Mee was on the support of Himali Oxygen a day before the 8. Online exam, but with sheer determination, she appeared in the third semester exam in Biotechnology, which she has at Guwahati University Institute of Science and Technology (GUIST). Considering the job prospects of engineering students, GUIIST decided to conduct an open-book examination for students through online mode, as the lack of online online connection is a major issue for students under state universities living in rural areas. Himali was lucky to get a laptop and internet connection at the CCC at the Royal Global University here (RGU), but the courage she showed was extraordinary, praised by university officials.


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“The first paper was scheduled for June, but I was placed on oxygen support the day after I had difficulty breathing. I did not want to lose the academic year and that is why I was determined to take the exam from CCC, which clearly lacks the environment that supports me to sit for the exam, ”Himlina told TUI on Saturday. On June 2, the entire family tested positive for covid and all four members were taken to RGU.

She has not yet recovered from Kovid’s symptoms, although doctors declared her Kovid free in the middle of the exam. “When I was writing the first paper, I got a cowardly negative report. But doctors said it could take up to a month for all the symptoms to go away, ”said Himlina, who took a break after appearing in the third paper on Saturday. After returning to his home in the city, he took another paper on June 10, however, three more papers are left and his tireless efforts continue.

Prof. Director of GIIST by Himalaya. Manab Deka was informed of his condition via an email. The institute was confused before answering it, as GU has not yet developed any strategy for the student suffering from covid. “I told Himlina that in such a case, whatever the GU decides, we will abide by it. As far as the outcome is concerned, GVA has not made a firm decision on what to do with the covid positive student, ”Deka said.

Resting on the CCC of Himali and answering some of the remaining papers. But she didn’t want to get a promotion from the backlog. “I admire the girl Himalina. Deka added that he is probably the only positive student of GU who took the exam from CCC.

GUIIST instructed all its students to come to a place where internet connection would be available and decided to proceed with the semester-end exams. “The loss of one year is a big shock for the engineering student. Many of our students only get jobs in the seventh semester. “Delays in exams would have affected a large number of students,” Deka said.

Himlinna’s father, Pulin Deka, a senior information and public relations officer attached to the chief minister’s office, was all praised for his daughter’s resolve. “Himali has been confident since childhood. She was studying so seriously at CCC that we couldn’t stop her. “I initially doubted whether he could complete the two-hour paper,” he said.