The last year has been stressful for high school students and their parents. It is impossible to predict when various competitive exams like JEE, NEET, CLAT will be held. In addition, the board exams have been postponed by the CBSE, ICSE and some state boards and the decision has been made to sit on the final internal assessment. Uncertainty expands when it comes to university admissions. With the current high competition and multiple delays, it is difficult to say with confidence when a student will be admitted to their dream university.

Over the past few months, we have spoken with many students who regard foreign universities as a reliable backup for their higher education plans. Unlike the one-dimensional admission process based on the entrance exam, the process for admission to Ivy Leagues and other select universities around the world is holistic and takes into account a number of factors.

At the highest level, colleges want students who are successful in their studies and beyond. If admission is granted, will you be able to control the academic rigor of their classes? Admissions officers also evaluate your prospects as a graduate of their school. Are you the one who can become CEO? Won the Nobel Prize? Became prime minister? Top universities use your abilities, focus and future prospects using your grades, academic interests, special activities, application essays and your letters of recommendation. The following factors are crucial for demonstrating your ‘College Led Readiness’.

.. Educational performance – No wonder here. Since you want to get admission in an institution of higher learning, top universities prefer to look at your past performance and make sure you have the intellectual ability to manage their curriculum. This is a necessary and crucial factor in strong application.

2. Favorite topics – Are you good at certain subjects? How have you shown your passion and interest in your favorite subjects (s) rather than what is taught in the classroom? Have you studied certain subjects on a higher subject? Have you appeared for the Advanced Placement (AP) exam in your favorite subjects? Have you been to a prestigious event like Math Olympiad? Have you distinguished yourself through research papers or a college ledge credit course?

3. Standard tests – Students preparing for admission to U.S. universities are well versed in the Standard Achievement Test (SAT). This is a 1,600 point test for English and Math. It helps universities compare thousands of applicants from around the world on two crucial topics for higher education.


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4 Extracurricular activities – Any activity that you follow over an extended period of time is a part of you. Extra activities are not something you should only proceed for your admission applications. These activities help you become a round person and prepare for life. Here are some examples:

  • Leadership: Being at a student conference. Prefect, college captain, sports captain etc. Holding a leadership position shows that you are respected by your peers and / or teachers.
  • Sports: Excellent in any sport, basketball, law, soccer, martial arts, cricket etc. You should do it continuously for many years. For example, if someone has a black belt in judo, it means they have invested 6+ years with everything they have done. This demonstrates a significant amount of effort and commitment.
  • Music, dance or art: If you constantly participate in music competitions, learn an instrument, learn to dance, etc. It is of interest to universities. Likewise, for fine arts and crafts.
  • Contests: If you like participating in quizzes, discussions, muni. And have won prizes at various levels, it helps your application.

5. Social service– The belief that many people are less privileged and that relatively small efforts can have a positive effect on others is a sign of humility and responsibility. If you feel overwhelmed about certain reasons and have spent your time helping others, it will be interesting for admissions officers.

6. Letters of recommendation – What do your teachers, mentors and other seniors who have watched you over the years say about your work ethic, energy level and intellectual curiosity? Is there something that sets you apart from your peers?

7. Admission Essays – Admission essays help you bring all the above sections together. This is your chance to explain to the reader who you are, what inspires you, how you coped with the shock, what your aspirations are, and the events that have shaped you. This is the section where you focus on your strengths and any obvious weaknesses in your profile. Everyone is unique with different experiences and abilities of life. This is your soapbox where you have the opportunity to present your best self. While students are expected to ‘blow their own trumpet’ in admissions essays, you still need to be careful that the examples are relevant and convey your message properly.

The holistic admission process identifies high-performing ‘K College Led Ready’ students who are likely to succeed in K and Ledge. While many students begin to pursue their courses only in grade eleven or twelfth grade for the purpose of university admission, these activities provide the necessary life skills related to career and professional development. I.V. Early awareness is crucial for you to study in college leagues and pursue related activities in order to get admission in leagues or other elite universities. To develop a balanced, ‘College Led Ready’ profile, students should pursue extraordinary activities and hobbies from an early age.


About the author:

Vivek Bhandari is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of He is an engineer from IIT Delhi and has an MBA from IIM Kolkata. Vivek has worked extensively in the financial services, real estate and mortgages space in the USA, Europe and India.

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