Due to the prevailing Covid-19 situation in the country, the MD doctors of the association have requested the Delhi High Court to hold the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) screening examination on June 18. The association, which also includes members of some foreign medical graduates who have completed their primary medical courses at foreign institutions, said a limited number of cities have been notified as FMGE screening test centers and a large number of candidates will be forced to take one of the COVID-19 vaccines. Travel without even taking a dose.

However, the application was opposed by the National Examination Board (NBE) and the National Medical Commission (NMC) on the advice that it is only a qualifying examination which can be taken by the applicants even in the month of December, if not in June. The President should not be postponed. After hearing the submissions of both the parties, Judge Amit Bansal asked the counsel to keep a record of some documents and on Friday listed the matter for further hearing.

The association, represented by advocates S. Pujari and Chaitanya Sundariyal, has sought to ensure the information in the April 15 notice for FMGE in June 2021 and the information bulletin dated April 16, test information bulletin of foreign medical graduate examination, session name of June 2021. ‘Published by NBE. The petition said that under the Medical Council of India Act and Screening Test Regulations 2002, persons with medical qualifications granted by a foreign institution are required to obtain recognition for their medical qualifications and to apply for FGE. State medical conferences to practice medicine in the state.

The petitioner is approaching this court at a time when the whole world is going through the Kovid-19 epidemic, while India is among the most affected countries in the world. “At a time when the central government is taking strict measures to control the epidemic and all state governments are imposing lockdowns and curfews, agitation and transport restrictions, members of the petitioner’s association and other eligible foreign medical graduates are compelled to attend,” the petition said. June for the FMGE screening test, when he and those around him are at risk of contracting COVID-19.

Advocates T Singhdev and Kirtiman Singh, representing NMC and NBE, respectively, objected to the maintenance of the application, saying it was not properly filed by an authorized representative and the application was defective. We need more doctors as the third wave of the virus is coming. This is an examination of the whole nation and only of these few applicants. Singhdev argued that if they do not want to take the exam now, they can do so in December, but they cannot stop the exam for everyone in the country.

Singh submitted that appropriate steps are being taken to conduct the examination and many investigations are underway and COVID-19 protocol including social distance will be followed. The petition said that on the one hand the authorities have postponed the National Eligibility Entrance Test (Post Graduate) – on the other hand, due to the epidemic across the country, they have decided to take the FMGE screening test on time while the country on the other hand will win. Wave and epidemic ready for the third wave.

The petitioners, challenging the April notice and information bulletin, argued that the decision of the authorities was arbitrary and unreasonable and sought to adjourn the FMGE till a later date.

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