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HDFC NEFT Form Pdf Details
hdfc neft form
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HDFC NEFT Form Pdf Download


RTGS/NEFT is a bank programme that helps account holders to move money from one account to another over the internet. This form can be accessed from your nearest HDFC bank branch or downloaded from the connection below.

Details to be Mentioned in the RTGS/NEFT Form

  • Details of the Remitter
    • Name of the Account Holder
    • Account Number
    • Account Type
    • Amount
    • Cheque details
    • IFSC Code
    • Bank Branch address

Details of the Beneficiary

  • Account Number
  • Bank Name
  • IFSC Code
  • Amount
  • Any other Details

The words RTGS and NEFT stand for Real-Time Gross Settlement and National Electronic Fund Transfer, respectively. HDFC banks’ NEFT and RTGS forms may be used to send any sum to any other bank account in the world.

HDFC NEFT Form Pdf Download

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