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The Night Train At Deoli Question Answers Pdf
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The Night Train At Deoli Question Answers Pdf Download

The Night Train At Deoli Question Answers PDF Download

Ruskin Bond’s The Night Train at Deoli The Night Train at Deoli is a sensitively told tale of teenage infatuation. It expresses the narrator’s love for a bad basket-seller whom he meets on his way to Dehra Dun at a small station. He just encounters the girl twice and never sees her again, but she stays in his mind forever. The plot revolves around the meeting of two people and their short encounter.

With unrestrained anticipation and all-pervasive romanticism, it catches the spirit in a few seconds. The tale starts with the eighteen-year-old protagonist narrating an incident about one of his daily trips to his grandmother’s place during his college vacations, set against the background of Deoli, a small station where the train will momentarily pause before joining the dense jungles of the Indian Terai belt.

The train would arrive at Deoli station at about 5 a.m. and would stay for about ten minutes. The narrator vividly portrays the environment of the tiny train station, which had only one platform and was dimly illuminated with electric lights and oil lamps, with the forest across the railway tracks evident only in the early morning sun. Here, no one ever gets off or on the train. There was just a tea stall, a fruit seller, and a few straw dogs on the stage.

The narrator was curious about what existed behind the stations’ walls and felt sad for the small town that no one seemed to worry about. He was fascinated by the location and the wonders that lie behind it, and he wished to discover it sometime. He was once intrigued by the beauty of a young girl selling cane baskets at Deoli station. She wasn’t dressed ornately, but she had an elegant gait and a dignified look that caught the interest of the writer.

Her complexion was fair, her hair was glossy black, and her eyes were rich and expressive. And though she appeared not to care, he gazed at her intently, and their gazes touched. “Would you like a basket?” she wondered. “They’re crafted from the finest cane…” The writer was taken aback by her beauty and exited the train to make his way to the tea shop. The two were drawn to each other, so the girl followed him there and asked if he wanted to purchase a basket.

The narrator purchased a basket against his reservations, only to disappoint the girl and pay her a rupee in exchange, hardly caring to brush her fingers. The station master’s bell rang, interrupting their chat, and the writer had to hurry back to his compartment. From his window, he saw the lady, looking at him, standing alone on the platform for a long time. I stood there watching her before the signal-box moved out of the way and the jungle obscured the station, but I could still see her standing alone…

This was how the first meeting finished on an upbeat yet gloomy note, and the prized moment appeared to vanish along with the forum. The narrator remained up for the remainder of the trip, unable to shake the image of the girl’s face and dark smouldering eyes, standing alone and staring at him, which explained the magic spell. However, after he arrived at his grandmother’s home, he easily thought about the meeting because he had other stuff on his mind. He didn’t know that until he was on his way back two months later. 

The Night Train At Deoli Question Answers Pdf Download

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