/ / No SAT for entry to some US colleges, dilemma for Indians

No SAT for entry to some US colleges, dilemma for Indians

New Delhi: Starting from the University of California, currently U.S. More than half of the four-degree colleges and universities in have dropped out of the SAT or ACT (American College Legend Test) scores for admission to courses starting in Fall 2021.

More than 1,200 institutions, including top universities such as Brown, Caltech, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, the University of Virginia and Yale, said the use of test scores would be optional. Some, like the University of Virginia, say the policy could go beyond admissions this year.

Jamie Beaton, co-founder and CEO of Crimson Education, says that for international students, standardized test scores, such as SET or ACT, are invaluable. “Long story short, I think it’s a little sad for international students,” said Beaten, whose pay firm has sent international students to the U.S. And help gain access to UK universities. SAT helps standardize items for admissions officers at universities, and Crimson Education recommends that international students take the exam, even if it is optional. Sonia Gandhi Mehta, School Director, Pathway School, Aravali, said 2021 could be a difficult year for Indian students seeking graduate courses in the US. “Test-optional or testable admissions may bring disadvantages to Indian students for merit-based scholarships, although some schools will consider applications even without SAT or ACT figures.” The U.S. College Ledge Board, which manages the SAT, said the goal was to increase access to exam colleges and that was its goal. And it does not oppose the decision taken by multiple universities.

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