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Port Number List PDF (1)
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Port Number List Pdf Download

Port Number List

Each application or process that communicates over a network or the Internet has a logical address called a port number. A port number on a device is used to define a network-based programme. The OS assigns this number automatically, the user assigns it manually, or some common applications set it as the norm.

The port numbers are broken down into three categories: well-known ports, licenced ports, and competitive or private ports. The ports 1024 through 49151 are those that have been recorded. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IANA) maintains the official catalogue of well-known and recorded ranges. The ports 49152 through 65535 are complex or private ports.

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What is the use of port 8080?

Assigning port 8080 to a web server is the most popular case. To send traffic to this web server, add the port number to the domain name, for example, http://websitename.com:8080. It’s important to remember that port 8080 isn’t reserved for secondary web servers.

What is the port 445?

Port 445, including ports 135, 137, and 139, is a classic Microsoft networking port with links to the initial NetBIOS service used in earlier Windows OSes. TCP port 445 is used to operate service message block (SMB) over TCP/IP. On a Microsoft-based LAN, this is the main mode of contact.

What is port 110 used for?

The POP3 protocol uses port 110 for unencrypted electronic mail entry. End-users may use this port to link to a mail server and receive messages. I can’t understand that this port will be included in this scenario. The SMTP protocol uses port 25 to transfer email.

Port Number List Pdf Download

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