With the lockdown of Kovid-19 and its aftermath disrupting the practical and project work of higher education, colleges, colleges and universities agree that much of this lack of learning will continue until campus life returns to normal.

Although not only doctoral students but also postgraduate and undergraduate students are losing their practical work, some institutions are trying to help students find options for courses ranging from management and design to performance arts.

“The epidemic has affected the delivery of education and the lack of adequate practicality is detrimental to the students. Vice Chancellor of Central University of Punjab R.P. “We sent the last semester students January-March, 201,” Tiwari said. Meanwhile were called to campus for their practical tasks.

“We agree that trends such as the performing arts, engineering and pharmacy have endured alongside pure science streams. It is a collective loss for the field in the year of the epidemic and we hope that if the rate of infection comes under managed conditions and our students are vaccinated, we will catch it.

Some universities have adopted unique models, but are eager to return to campus to complete practical and project work. World University Design Design (WUD), a specialized university in Haryana’s Rajiv Gandhi Education City that focuses on transport design, textile and fashion design from design considerations, has adopted technology for field and location visits. For example, students living near the field site visit the structure for a “live and walk-through” of the site, and the feed is shared to all students and faculty through Google Meet and Learning Management Systems.

“Students and faculty are eagerly waiting to return to campus. We are still unable to do lab or fieldwork… and it continues to be studio practice, workshop practice, peer learning, group dynamics face to face, so it is inevitable to return to campus, ”said Sanjay Gupta, WUD’s Vice Chancellor.

“Virtual projects and lab work are not possible in all locations, and it largely depends on what kind of facilities the university has and how well connected students are in the virtual world required by high-speed bandwidth and IT infra. “This is a big challenge,” said a Delhi University professor. “Colleges and universities in many parts of the country are also canceling practicals for last semester students,” the professor said.

Mahadev Jaiswal, director, Indian Institute of Management, Sambalpur, said his students had taken online training online after the outbreak, but it was easy for them.

“But virtual project work has side effects; It lacks the team spirit that comes out of working together and that should also affect body language. Once the Covid-19 condition improves, each and every lab-centric or field-focused course will reach a loss, ”Jaiswal added.

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